Solution Focused

Solution Focused Therapy is a brief model of therapy that is described as collaborative, practical, and goal-driven. This approach is based on the idea that everyone who seeks help already possesses at least the minimal skills necessary to create solutions. What they need then is guidance or help in describing the details of how to get there.

In this model, the Solution Focused therapist brings awareness to the client’s behaviors that are helping to move in the direction of the client’s goal. In order to do this, detailed questions are asked about how the client managed to achieve or maintain their current level of progress, any recent positive changes, and how the client developed their strengths, resources, and/or positive traits.

One goal of Solution Focused therapists is to help their clients identify times in their life when things matched more accurately with their preferred future and goals. There is often time spent then on exploring the differences and similarities between these two occasions. It is through bringing awareness to small successes and supporting clients to repeat successful choices that the Solution Focused therapist is able to facilitate client change.

The style of therapy is often described as a form of specialized conversation. The focus of these conversations is aimed toward developing the client’s vision of solutions. The questions and focus of treatment in Solution Focused Therapy are focused on the present or the future. This is based on the idea in this approach that problems are best solved by focusing on what is already working, instead of addressing the past and/or the origin of the problems. One way to achieve these goals or solutions is to help the client look for previous solutions. It is quite often the case that people have previously solved many of their past problems and as such, have some ideas of how to solve the current problem they face.

According to Solution Focused Therapy even when a client does not have a previous solution that can be used again, most have some type of exceptions to their problem. An exception is defined as something that happens instead of the problem, usually in a spontaneous manner and without intention.

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