As with all stages in life, aging presents many opportunities and challenges. A new stage of life often brings transitions from full-time work in or outside of the home to partial or full retirement.  Seniors often experience changes in finances, health, and caregiving for parents or spouses.  Aging also brings changes in physical, mental, and sexual capacities.  All of these changes can have a dramatic impact, not only on our day-to-day lives but on how we view ourselves and our worth in the world and in our families. Shifting friendships and responsibilities can also dramatically alter our feelings of contentment with life.

As we grow older it is possible to find new ways to create meaning and purpose in life.  However, it is also possible to grow isolated and disconnected from what once gave strength.  Many times, declining health, dementia, or stress can create emotional distress.  If the changes of aging result in isolation, anxiety, depression, or thoughts of suicide, there is support and help available.

Having a supportive therapist can help you explore your strengths and values and aid in dealing with life’s challenges.  Because our brains never stop changing, our later years can be fertile opportunities to grow and continue to come into ourselves and our humanity.

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