Children have a unique set of needs and abilities when it comes to therapy that are very different from the needs of adults. Your child’s therapist will understand the wide range of age-appropriate needs of your child, and be able to work with both you and your child in order to help them succeed in life.

Children can come to therapy for a variety of reasons, including bullying, issues with focus and attention, difficulty managing feelings such as sadness or anger, worries or fears, difficulties in school, trouble adapting to change such as divorce or the marriage of a parent, grief and loss, or conflicts in the home. Each of these unique challenges can be addressed in the supportive context of therapy.

Because children’s abilities to self-reflect and self-report are so different from adults, therapy can look quite different. Our practice includes a well-stocked play therapy room. Through play, our therapists can engage with your child in a way that allows them to make sense of their own world, and then translate what the child is expressing to help you as a parent make sense of what is going on for your child.