Spirituality is often described as a person’s search for meaning and/or a belief in a greater existence beyond oneself – such as the universe, or a benevolent being.  For some, spirituality can be linked to religion, but typically one’s practice and sense of spirituality is broader in nature, as it can encompass philosophical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural facets as well.

For many, spirituality plays an important role in the ability to manage and cope with difficult or distressing life events and experiences such as the loss of loved ones, health conditions, or major life changes. A person’s religious or spiritual practices may offer significant emotional and social support, as well as assist in finding meaning and purpose in life, particularly during times of loss and grief. Therapeutic conversations and approaches that incorporate spirituality can often help support one’s connection or re-connection to their sense of purpose, meaning, and relationship with the self, others, and larger entities beyond.