Intimacy and Sexuality

Our unique sexual self-expressions and desires are based on many influences:

  • what and how we learned about sex and sexuality
  • past sexual and relationship experiences
  • our core values around sexual expression, gender, and intimacy
  • the interplay of sex, gender, and sexual orientation
  • how we view our bodies and our selves.

Because sexual health is such a complex combination of so many facets of ourselves, it is natural that sometimes we experience difficulties in relating to ourselves or others as sexual beings. There are so many outside influeces that can have a dramatic impact on our libidos and our sexual desires.  Relationship difficulties, ageing, changes in our bodies, prescription medications, a new partner, and both sexual and non-sexual trauma, can all impact our intimacy and sexuality. Because our sexuality is such a personal facet of ourselves, it can often be difficult to tease apart these issues and navigate our way to a healthy expression of sexuality. Speaking with a trusted therapist, either on your own or in couples’ counselling, can help.